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Welcome to the NINA UBHI BEAUTY & HAIR INSTITUTE, unique in its definition as the only training academy in the UK to be taught by an International Celebrity Makeup Artist and entrepreneur with an Artist management agency showcasing the UK’s creative talent.

Nina Ubhi, a Dubai based Make Up Artist is known well for her role as Beauty Editor for a leading publication and with her work regularly featured in Asiana Magazine she has brought together the skills and experience she has gained over her last fourteen years in the industry into collaboration with leading brands to produce a series of courses which are ideal for a range of students, from beginners who wish to pursue a lifetime career in the industry to those that would just like to perfect their own application of make up for personal use.

Nina prides herself on a zero tolerance mindset in accepting anything less than perfection, be it from the front cover of the magazine to the most important day in everyone’s lives, their wedding day. This harmony in striving for perfection has lead to detailed and thorough research in designing the right courses for the right individuals at a price that is also right for them.

The added advantage of the NINA UBHI BEAUTY & HAIR INSTITUTE is that it is not just a training academy per se; it’s a team of dedicated industry professionals with a vast client base and network. Upon training at the academy, not only are you taught the techniques, tips and tricks to become a world class artist, you are also exposed to the industry through the eyes of beauty and bridal publications with regular invitation to shoots and events. The experience that this in itself brings has proven to be a real eye opener to previous graduates of the course.

Every student who completes the course has the opportunity to join our Creative Agency. Our agency delivers regular bridal bookings for all graduates and the opportunity to attend portfolio days to refresh their work.

In order to cement our personal belief and commitment that our courses are the very best in the industry, please take some time to have a look through the Graduate Portfolio to see the work they have created after just 5-7 days of training.

Nina Ubhi is a renowned International Celebrity Make Up Artist based in Dubai and London.  An entrepreneur, accomplished Make Up Artist, Hair stylist, Beauty & Eyebrow Expert within her field and known for her perfection and symmetry.  Nina’s immaculate work speaks for itself. Her passion, commitment and dedication to the industry is evidenced in her unique style which is clearly distinctive throughout her vast portfolio. Her signature lies in her amazing ability to blend with perfection to a seamless beauty, an art that clearly sets her apart from the competition. Not to mention the title of ‘Eyebrow & Contour Queen’ given to her by avid fans and graduates.

Her work is characterised by a fearless use of colour and precise application. She is brave and highly versatile, one day producing the perfect nude face, a seamless blend of flattering beige and biscuit tones; the next with an array of vibrant shades.

Nina’s love for her profession is endless, never settling for anything less than mere perfection, irrespective of the time and effort required to achieve this. Nina is ‘the’ trusted and accomplished Official Hair & Make Up Artist to publications with numerous covers to her Portfolio. Nina generously shares her knowledge, expertise and experience as a Beauty Columnist with a huge portfolio of Beauty Articles published in various magazines. Most known for her role as Beauty Editor for Asian Woman Magazine and Asian Bride Magazine she was first choice for stars such as Laila Rouass, Priya Kalidas, Nina Wadia, Amy Jackson among others.


  • 5 Day Intense Bridal Hair & Make Up training including portfolio day
  • 3 Day Intense Bridal Hair & Make Up excluding portfolio day
  • 1 Day Make Up Masterclass
  • 1 Day Hair Styling Masterclass

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BEAUTY BLOG Nina's Beauty Journal


This is a place for you to keep tabs on all things Beauty related, with a few random categories thrown in here and there….fashion, models, media…absolutely anything.

After a lot of hard work and a very long road of being Beauty Editor for a mainstream publication, Beauty Journalism, co-ordinating shoots, published articles, training aspiring mua’s, mentoring my make up team, reviewing 100’s of beauty products, testing new innovative beauty regime’s and much more I’m sure I’ve missed out…..I came to the conclusion I have way too much info to keep just for a magazine, so decided to start blogging.

I won’t tell you everything I review is fantastic. I won’t tell you that all products sent to me to be reviewed are well worth buying.

I ‘will’ however tell you the truth….whether that brand new collagen booster actually ‘does’ boost your collagen, if that eye cream actually ‘does’ fade those bags and if you really should spend your pennies on some of the most marketed products and services around. Now and again, I’ll post ‘real’ images of new products I’ve tested out on myself so you can see what it really looks like without all the editing.

And if you have any questions about anything Beauty related or anything Fabulous at all….your more than welcome to contact me on the blog. I always blog on reader requests so if you need to know the top 5 eyeliners then you’ve come to the right place.




UAE +971 (0) 50 687 3123
UK +44 (0) 7704 536845